Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's day to all the Dad's out there, especially my own Dad and husband! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cash @ 3 1/2 years

At 3 1/2 Cash is fabulously rambunctious, smart, cunning, sneaky and a bit of a tall taler.  He repeats bad words and knows he is doing a bad thing because he informs us "Mom, Shit is a bad word." out of the blue.  It's really hard not to laugh especially when he tells his Dad to "Stop dicking around and eat." I wonder where he learns these things from? Hmmmm. ;)

He loves to tell Stories and will make up elaborate stories with his imaginary friends which include "Toothfera", which is a purple dragon who lives behind his ear.  He is very consistent with the descriptions of his imaginary friends too.  He believes dragons live outside of our house and that our Doberman Pincher, Layla fights them off while he is asleep.  He is obsessed with mountain Lions and points to the Saddleback mountains and informs us they live over there.  His favorite conversation started is, "When I was a baby" or "When I was a big kid"  He loves to dress up in costumes and takes on the roll of what he is wearing.  IE if he's a Dr. he has to give you his "Diagnosis" etc.

He loves his new sandbox at Nana and Papas house, playing kitchen and taking your orders.  He loves taking baths.  If he hears me start a bath for myself he will run upstairs and strip off all his clothes and ask to get in.  I never say no, even though it make me frustrated to have him in there with me.  He loves being naked, he gets home takes his clothes off and sings, "pants off, dance off!".  He is a typical boy and any chance he gets pee's outside.  He loves water of all sorts and will find any way to emerge him self in it.  We cannot go to Grampa's with out Cash getting so wet we just allow him into the pool, and Cash knows it works.  He loves to try to control situation. If we tell him he needs to come in in 5 Min's. he says "No Mom, 7 more Min's." Or he will want more candy and say "Just one more, okay Mom, one more!"

He hates bedtime, and will find every excuse to get up.  It's a battle most nights to keep him in his room.  He doesn't get the concept that when he runs back and forth between his playroom and bedroom, we can hear the pitter patter of his little feet.  We woke up one night around 2:00 am with our TV on in our room and Cash at the foot of our bed wide awake watching his shows.  Geoff was not pleased with him.  This kid will take a few swats and still test us, he has endurance. He still hates to eat and is so picky.  He will eat chicken nuggets, apples, bananas, grilled cheese and spinach, cottage cheese, hot dogs, popcorn, pancakes, waffles, grapes, ham, turkey and just now he will eat hamburger.  Everything else he snubs and will literally go to bed with out eating.  It's so annoying but I am not sure what to do.

He is very into understanding family dynamics.  Who belong to who within our family.  He tells me I am his Mother, and Nana is my Mother.  He understands that Nana and Papa are married and have Uncle Nik, Uncle Chris and me.  He also gets that Uncle Chris is married to Auntie Bo and Presley is theirs.  It's really amazing how he can link everyone at such a young age.  He loves tell Nana that she is his Grandma. 

He is social almost to the point where kids look at him like why are you talking to me?  If someone asks him his name, he responds with, "Cash Stephen Paul Sargent" people look at me and say what's his name?!  He loves going to the park and is willing to share his toys.  He doesn't get his feelings hurt very easily when kids are being mean, he moves right along to the next person. 

His newest love is his baby brother.  He loves to help with Jameson and has yet to show any signs of jealousy or resentment.  He talks to Jameson constantly and thinks he is taking care of him.  I cannot wait to see their bond grow over the years.

If you ask him how old he is he replies, "I'm FREE AND A HALF"

Jameson @ 4 Months

Jameson had his 4 month Dr. Appt. on Friday.  He is doing great, we need to work with him on the ground more so he starts to roll around.  Things we never thought of because with Layla being so big and clumsy we don't put Jameson on the ground to play.  He is almost old enough to try rice cereal but we will wait closer to 5 months and around 6 months he can start eating veggies. 
So here are the details of our Little Scooby Do:
He seems huge to us considering Cash was always in the 5th percentile.  Jameson being 14 lbs 1 oz and in the 20th. percentile for weight and 25 in and the 41st. for height he seems like a beast to us.  He loves breast milk and will simply refuse to eat formula and scream until he gets it, we are working on that one.  We have to trick him twice daily to take his baby Zantac by adding yummy juice in it.  His acid reflux is still a huge issue and he still has days where he spits up constantly.  However, we seem to have gotten the pain from it under control.  He is much happier and screams less.

He wakes up around 5:00am, like clock work.  It's not my ideal time to be up that early but it's so hard to be annoyed when he coos at you and smiles.  He usually falls asleep on the ride over to Nana's around 8:00 am and goes down for a real nap at 10:00 am.  Depending on the noise level or what is going on he will sleep anywhere from 5 Min's. to 2 hours.  He goes down for another nap around 2:00 pm.  Nighttime we have our ritual, bath, snuggle and nurse till he's asleep.  Let me be clear that if he's not nursing to go to sleep with his blanket he will be screaming.  He WANTS to be asleep by 7:30 pm and will let you know it is time.  He still wakes up a FEW times at night.  I have spoken to his Dr. about this and because his acid reflux, he wont drink as much milk to sustain sleep for longer periods of time.  I am hoping rice cereal in his bottle before bed will help out.
Jameson enjoys "talking", smiling and "cooing."  He has discovered his hands and can now hold various items.  He tries to suck him thumb or two fingers.  He doesn't really have a preference just so long as there is some sort of extremity in his mouth.  He is trying to put his own pacifier in his mouth, but usually he gets his ear.  It's a constant battle because he hasn't mastered his fingers/thumb and we want him to have a pacifier and he tries to have both at the same time. 
Jameson hates tummy time, he will scream if he is put on his stomach.  We have to work on this because even though he knows how to roll over, he chooses not to and just cries.  He loves to be held, and that is the understatement of the year.  Jameson is happiest in someones arms.  He is starting to tolerate playing in his play seat surrounded by toys, but that seems to only last 10 Min's. MAX. 
His Stats.  Not sure why it says 2 Mo.

Happy 4 months Jameson

Monday, June 3, 2013

Video Wrap Up

I found a few videos from my phone from the past few months

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cabo 2013

 We went on a family trip to San Jose Del Cabo for 6 days.  It was such an amazing trip and went smoothly for how many people were in our group.  The kids were great, most of the time.  There were a few hiccups (Jameson screamed bloody murder for about 10 Min's before take off) but nothing that would stop us from taking them back...Like in November, maybe?! 

DAY 1:  We took a limo bus to LAX and had Mimosas and Bloody Marys on the way.  The flight was easy and we arrived in Mexico to amazing weather.  We were greeted with Margaritas when we arrived at Cabo Azul.  We all changed into our suits and headed to Sharon and Craig's Beach Club for a beach party.  It was so nice and we were able to meet some of their friends from Mexico.  After the beach party we went to dinner with the Fairbanks at one of their local spots. 

Grammie, Jameson, Lily and Amanda at LAX

Grammie and Jameson with their hats

Grammie, Jameson and Auntie Paige

At Cabo Azul

Beach Day with the whole Family at The Beach Club
DAY 2:  We decided we just wanted to be "lazy" and hang by the pool, which was so nice!  We woke up, ate breakfast and sat by the pool.  After the pool, we all got ready and walked across the street to eat dinner at a new sushi restaurant, it was amazing!

Amanda and Cash

Geoff, Jameson, Lily and Steve

Kory and Lily
Paige and McKenna
DAY 3:  We had another pool day.  It's so nice that Cash is old enough to skip his nap (while on vacation) and Jameson is able to sleep at the pool in this Pop up bassinet I found online.  It made our life really nice not to have to stay in our room during the nap times.  Later that afternoon, Cash went with Grammie and Grampa on a horseback ride.  He absolutely loved every minute of the ride. That evening Steve and Lynne watched the kids so we could all enjoy a night out. We all walked across the street to a burger joint that was Rock N Roll theme.  It was great burgers and we all enjoyed the adult time.
Family Rainbow Shot
Lily pretty much ate that whole bowl of Mac N Cheese

Jameson loved the water

Cash, Grampa, Lily, Grammie and Jameson

Shea's Margarita in a sippy cup.

Cousin Love

Enjoying a walk on the beach with a sleeping baby

He was obsessed with the hammocks

Nap time by the pool

DAY 4:  We decided to go horseback riding in the morning as a big group.  Kory offered to watch the kids as he said he was sick of horses.  I have been on horses as a kid and in Jamaica but the horses walked.  These horses ran and I am not a skilled horseback rider let alone horseback runner (is that a real name?) I was scared out of my mind when my horse took off.  I was being spanked by the saddle and trying to hold on for dear life.  Lets just say I didn't enjoy the experience very much and probably wont want to do it again.  I can check that off my bucket list.  That night we went over to Sharon and Craig Fairbanks home for dinner.  It was fabulous as usual.  Catered and great drinks and conversation. 

DAY 5:  We all woke up early and ate breakfast.  Geoff, Kory, Cash, Jameson and I went to the pool while the others read or just lounged around.  Our favorite activities Director Rodrigo asked if we would like a behind the scenes tour of the hotel, which we all wanted to go.  So we got to see everything that goes on at Cabo Azul, which is pretty much a self contained city.  It was very interesting.  After our tour and Lily's nap, we all headed to Cabo San Lucas for the day.  I have never been to San Lucas and after going, I am not sure it's my cup of tea.  A little wild and too much partying but we all went to lunch at The Office.  It was fun eating with your feet in the sand.  After lunch, Geoff and Kory went on Sea Do's while the rest of us watched some awful wet tee-shirt contest.  Dad's around the world would not have been happy to see their daughters up there doing the things they were doing.  Geoff and I walked to Edith's, a place my boss told me I had to try.  We got there and they were closed, so we took a picture outside and called it good.  We headed back to San Jose for some more pool time before dinner and than had dinner at a Italian restaurant in San Jose. After we went to the Art Walk.
Cash at The Office

Paige and McKenna

Cash really wanted to go out with Daddy and Kory

Amanda and Lily

The McCain Family

Cash enjoying Cabo San Lucas' beach
DAY 6: We were leaving in the afternoon to head back home so Geoff got me a 80 min massage, which was heavenly. I met him and the kids by the pool after and we hung out until it was time to head to the airport. 

Cash reading Auntie Kenna's book